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About us

Alex Alligator & Friends is a story of adventure and friendship by author, Sarah Moller and illustrator, Jo de Ruiter. 

Check out the interviews with Sarah & Jo where they reveal their inspiration, motivation and love for Alex Alligator & Friends. 

Interview with Sarah Moller (Author) 


Interview with Jo de Ruiter (Illustrator)

The story of Alex Alligator & Friends brings children together in the classroom, at home and in the playground encouraging them to share stories of friends and family in different countries around the world, and where they would like to visit. 

Each book helps children learn about friendship, family, animals, habitats, countries and introduces them to different hobbies and new cultures from around the world. All told through fun adventures with Alex Alligator & Friends.

"Creating Alex Alligator & Friends has been so much fun! We've worked closely with our Ideas Team made up of friends and family (a few kindly pictured above), parents and teachers who provided valuable feedback in the making of our first book. It's been incredibly rewarding to see them smiling and laughing while reading the story. It's more than we could ever have imagined. We look forward to hearing their thoughts on book 2 about Felix Fox which is coming out in 2020." Sarah Moller


Sarah and Jo are bursting with imaginative ideas when discussing and planning Alex Alligator & Friends. They share a passion for children's literature and wish to make a positive impact on children's lives through their storytelling.
The first book is just the beginning in the series. There's much more to come as each of Alex's classmates has their own story to tell about their favourite place in the world.
Stay tuned for more to come! 🤗

Check out the interview with Sarah Moller here and Jo de Ruiter, here.